Cantata Singers of Ottawa choir


For 55 years, the Cantata Singers of Ottawa has been thrilling audiences and winning critical praise for its concerts. But to present our concerts, we need your support!

To put on a concert, a single instrumentalist in an orchestra can cost anywhere from $500 to $1000 or more. A solo pianist’s fee can be in excess of $2000 for one concert. The printed sheet music alone can cost $1000 for 40 copies… and the going rate for top soloists is approximately $4,000 per concert!

The supporters who sponsor Cantata Singers events are people like you, who believe in top quality choral singing in Ottawa. Your sponsorship will directly benefit the concerts we present, and will help us design even more exciting programs in the future. It will also help us do more outreach to local music students and give scholarships to deserving young singers.

How can you give? You can give through annual or monthly donations, multi-year pledges and sponsorships. Whether you are an individual, company, or a foundation, there are many meaningful ways to contribute that will satisfy your own charitable goals and help choral music grow in Ottawa.

You can sponsor by directing your contribution to a specific artist or by sponsoring a whole concert.

Sponsor a soloist:       $1,000

Sponsor a concert:      $1,500 or more

Recognition: Your contribution will be recognised in our programs, and we will give you a receipt for your charitable donation.  Sponsor a soloist or a single concert, and in addition to the the top level benefits described on the donor page, you will receive a full page of advertising in the program for that concert!

Please email President (at) for more information. We hope you will consider contributing to the choir so we can continue to make top-quality music in Ottawa.