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This page keeps track of things that should be done.

As things get done, remove them from this page, and update the Change Log (if appropriate).

Private Members' Wiki (this one)

Update UserMerge extension

Now that MediaWiki has been upgraded to 1.29, need to upgrade UserMerge to 1.10.1.

Remove traces of hidden areas from LocalSettings.php

  • Find a way to permanently delete traces of a page, so that it no longer appears in the Deletion Log, and can no longer be restored [1].
  • Test it on the TestDelete page.
  • Do it for LocalSettings1.php.

Create a prioritization structure for the To Do list

Embed spreadsheets in wiki pages

e.g., calendar, member list

Suggestion from Daniel Savoie:

WRT the wiki, have you explored the Widgets extension which allows you to embed external documents in mediawiki pages? I think it might be a good solution to try and make all choir info available in one location (one-stop shopping for the members) while allowing background maintenance flexibility.

Other items to be fleshed out

  • Follow up TCH ticket on automatic update of added extensions.
  • Follow up TCH ticket on Visual Editor extension.
  • Investigate upload and access for other file types (e.g. Excel, Word).
  • Populate pages with real content, to replace old stuff:
Look for volunteers to help, if necessary.
  • mediawikiwiki:Extension:BreadCrumbs2 (needs Categories)
  • Use Categories to populate navigation bar (on left) with the list of CSO pages?
  • Check out behavior on smart phone.
  • Investigate skin to make look and feel closer to old stuff.

Content updates

See individual pages.

Public Wiki (some day)

  • Follow up TCH ticket on SSL certificate failure.
  • Figure out how to create a skin with a nice look and feel (preferably similar to what's there).