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2016-17 season

Editors: When starting a new season, before editing this page, please copy the existing content to a new page, and add a link it to it under the heading "Past Seasons". This makes it easier to find historical data for reporting purposes.


  • President: Valerie Douglas
  • Secretary: Gennaro Busa
  • Treasurer: Glen Seeds
  • Music director: Andrew McAnerney
  • Members at large:
    Gary Boyd (Past-President)
    Nadine Dawson
    Nichole Ekkert-Vine
    Richard Fujarczuk
    Diana James
    Peter McCrae


Meeting minutes can be found here. Please do not pass this information to anyone who is not a choir member.

[TODO: The minutes are currently stored in an unprotected Google Drive folder. They should be moved to this wiki, where they can be protected.]


Here is the CSO letterhead. Please note that it is to be used only by approval of the executive:

File:CSO letterhead 2015 (b w).docx
File:CSO letterhead 2015 (colour).docx

Expense Reimbursement

See Choir Info#Expense Reimbursement/Donation

Other Roles

These are the (non-singing) roles performed by choir members (and sometimes non-members).

  • In general, each category has an executive member with overall responsibility for the role.
  • For some roles, the role is followed by an executive position in [...]. This means that the person in that position normally assumes that role.
  • The president is automatically an ex officio member of all committees.


1 external contract
2 non-member volunteer


Music director and Guest conductors
  • Assistance, support

Valerie Douglas
Gary Boyd

  • Organize all sheet music
  • Order new music
  • Liaison with Knox church re library stores
Janet Cover
Hired performers
  • extra musicians if needed
  • recommend to guest conductor

Gary Boyd
Valerie Douglas

Rehearsal & meeting venues

Booking: Janet Cover
Contracts: Valerie Douglas
  Gennaro Busa
  Gary Boyd

Organization of AGM

Valerie Douglas
Gennaro Busa

Organization of annual retreat

Judy Brush
Carolyn Greve

Section Heads

Sopranos Sharon Keenan-Hayes
Altos Grace Mann
Tenors Ross Jewell
Baritones/Basses Glen Seeds

CSO concert production

Concert organization/coordination Pamela Holm
Front of house, ushers, lights, sound recording, risers Pamela Holm
Ticket management and distribution J.P. (Mac) MacElhone
Box office set up Pamela Holm
Ticket printing (see Publicity)
Volunteer coordination Pamela Holm
Printed program Nichole Ekkert-Vine

Emilie Sabor
Melanie Aubert


Treasurer (see Exec > Treasurer)
Contracts (NAC, musicians, venues)

Gary Boyd (lead)
Valerie Douglas

Bookkeeper Denise Moore1


Executive member in charge -
Weekly rehearsal refreshments Barb Ackison

Records & internal communications

  • Record minutes of meetings
  • Communication to all CSO members (including schedule)
  • Annual mail out to audience
  • Communication with NAC re membership for concerts
  • Listings of all CSO singers and extras
(see Exec > Secretary)
Set Agendas of meetings (see Exec > President)
E-mails to members (see Exec > Secretary)
Archivist (posters, etc.)

Location of materials:
  Knox church,
  Archivist's home

Ross Jewell
Concert dress code Judy Brush
Web master - member pages Glen Seeds

Publicity, marketing & external communications

Publicity coordination Nichole Ekkert-Vine
Notes for NAC prelude program Cathy Patton (TBC)
Public service announcements Cathy Patton (TBC)
Program ads TBD
Ad exchanges with other choirs TBD
Posters and brochures design coordination

Judy Brush
Cathy Patton (TBC)

Artist for posters Caren Weinstein 1
Annual brochure Caren Weinstein 1
Program Cover Art Caren Weinstein 1
Poster distribution TBD
Annual welcome letter for web site (see Exec > Music Director)
Mailing lists (audience) Gennaro Busa
E-mail newsletter to audience -
Web master - public pages Karl Mann

Backup: Glen Seeds

Social media update/Facebook/twitter Melanie Aubert
Community websites updates re CSO concerts -
Answering machine

Valerie Douglas
Gennaro Busa

Past Seasons

Records of roles for 2015 and earlier can be found here.


  • Create storage structure for minutes archive.
  • Correct structure to match current operations, e.g.:
    • publicity
    • concert venue bookings
    • subscriptions & association memberships