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Reporting an Absence

See Choir Info#Reporting an Absence.

Google Calendar

Our schedule is stored in Google Calendar. The current season (2016-2017), can be viewed >> here <<.

In addition to just viewing it there, you can do lots of other great things with it:

  • integrate it with your personal calendar on you OC or mobile device
  • set up reminders for events
  • see the calendar for only a subset of the productions or functions
  • and more...

Accessing calendars in other ways

Each concert (or other choir initiative) has its own calendar. Each calendar can be accessed in several ways.

  • Add to Google Calendar: If you use Google Calendar, click the "+ Google Calendar" button at the bottom right of the calendar view above, and select the calendars you want to add. If you want to be notified, don't forget to Edit Notifications in Google Calendars for each calendar you add.
    This method gives the best service, including a unified view of all calendars with your own. However, it does require a Google account. Google accounts are free, easy to create, and unobtrusive.

For the technically inclined who don't want to use Google Calendar, there are other methods:

  • Calendar ID: If you use another app that uses the Google Calendar service, there is a Calendar ID string you provide to it to connect to the calendar.
  • ICAL link: If you have a calendar application is not compatible with the Google Calendar service, but supports the iCal format, you can give it this link. However, be aware that for most applications, this is a static import that does not follow updates.

If you and to use one of these methods, but can't figure out how, send e-mail to csowebmaster (at)


Beethoven 9 (September 2017):

Faure Requiem:

Family Christmas Spectacular:


Winter Music:

Ave Verum:


View the full schedule >> here <<

Shakespeare in Song:

Christmas Spectacular:

Venetian Vespers:

Mozart Requiem:

Sing Ottawa en Choeur:


For now, the full season can be viewed >> here <<.

The corresponding event calendars eventually be moved to local storage in this wiki.

Earlier seasons

Historical schedule information can be found here. That information was accurate as of September 1, 2015, but is no longer being maintained.