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[Under construction.]

This page is intended to record current best practices regarding operations of the choir. Copies of the Choir Constitution and Letters Patent can be found here.

For contains information that all members need to know. see Choir Info.


An older version of this information can be found here.

Workflow for Money

At times in the past, it has been the practice to send/hand stuff directly to the treasurer for deposit or invoice generation or payment. This is a recipe for confusion. In order to ensure that things are properly tracked, please send all cheques and payment info (both incoming and outgoing) to the person in charge of that area. They can then ensure that they have all of the i's dotted and t's crossed, and send all of the financial stuff to the treasurer together, so we don't have multi-way conversations.

Wherever possible, submission by e-mail is preferred, including scanned images of paper originals. Unfortunately, for audit purposes, any paper originals must also be submitted. For paper submissions (other than memberships), please place them in an envelope, with your name and the purpose written on the outside.

For both e-mail and paper submissions, please ensure that all of the following are included in some form:

  • CSO Contact Name
  • Originator: Name of whoever the money or invoice is for/from
  • E-mail address of originator, if available
  • Postal Address, if applicable (especially important for donations and memberships)
  • Date and Description (including a purpose that can be related to a budget item).
  • Base Amount, HST (if applicable), and Total

All of this information is needed for various purposes, and if we don't get it up front, the treasurer has to go back and ask you for it.

The overall flow looks like this:

  1. contact person: collect info, submit to area owner
  2. area owner: check and record info, submit to treasurer
    If you don't know who the area owner is, check the Roles page, or ask.
  3. treasurer:
    • generate cheque, invoice, or deposit
    • submit to bookkeeper
    • optionally, enter into working finance tracking systems
    • monitor totals for budget purposes
  4. bookkeeper: track for taxes and auditing

See also Choir Info#Expense Reimbursement

Data Storage and Archives

We do not currently have any good mechanism for this. At the moment, we are using the cantatasingersottawa Gmail account in Google Drive. Exec Shared is a folder accessible to the current executive.

Partial list of problems:

  • No easy, secure way to share a file with all members. At the moment, we make these sharable to anyone with the link.
  • File are owned by the contributor, who is the only person who can permanently delete it. Ownership transfer is tricky, and must be done one file at a time.
  • Google Apps claims to address some of these issues, but charges a fee per e-mail address, which is prohibitively expensive for us, and requires them to be in a single domain.

Changing the Postal Address

This is a big deal. Updating the Contact Us page on our web site is easy; the hard part is making sure that everyone that needs to know is notified. This is most important for suppliers and other organizations for which postal mail is either their primary communication mechanism with us, or a backup mechanism that is rarely used when it does.

Here is a partial list:

  • bank
  • bookkeeper
  • CRA (Tax return & HST)
  • phone
  • PayPal
  • web host


  • Populate this this page (with current information).