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OPL Naxos

Recordings in The Ottawa Public Library’s online Naxos music collection are usually the best. You need an account for the Ottawa Public Library to access these. Instructions can be found here:

Troubleshooting: The collection is sometimes offline, giving this message:

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We provide alternatives for cases where you or the collection are offline, or no OPL recording is available.

2016-2017 (Season 53)

1: Shakespeare in Song

See: S53-1 Shakespeare in Song

2: Family Christmas Spectacular

See S53-2 Family Christmas Spectacular

3: Venetian Vespers by Candlelight

See S53-3 Venetian Vespers by Candlelight

NAC: Mozart’s Requiem

For public info, see the Public concert page here.


  • MOZART, W.A.: Requiem, K. 626 (completed by R. Levin) (Labadie) (Dorian)
OPL Naxos
Karina Gauvin (soprano)
Marie-Nicole Lemieux (contralto)
John Tessier (tenor)
Nathan Berg (bass-baritone)
Labadie, Bernard (conductor)
La Chapelle de Québec
Les Violons du Roy
This excellent Canadian recording is very clear. However, this version is the one revised by Robert D. Levin, rather than the Süssmayr/Beyer version that we are using. Most of the choral sections are the same, but there are a few differences.
  • MOZART, W.A.: Requiem (Mattila, Mingardo, Schade, Terfel, Swedish Radio Choir, Berlin Philharmonic, Abbado) (Deutsche Grammophon)
OPL Naxos
For comparison, this recording is "un-Levin'ed", but still does not match our score exactly.
  • MOZART, W.A.: Requiem in D Minor / Mass No. 18 (Welser-Most) (Warner)
OPL Naxos
Although our score claims to be the edition completed by Franz Beyer, this is the only recording of the Bayer completion in the Naxos OPL catalog that actually matches our scores in the last 4 movements. It's not great, but it's usable.

Sing Ottawa en choeur


Past Seasons

Records of concert prep info for 2015 and earlier can be found here.

Full text of the printed programs from past productions can be found >here<. These are also accessible to the general public via the Productions page in the public web site.