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The information on this page is accurate, but not complete. More complete (but not necessarily current) historical information can be found here.

Reporting an Absence

We are not a large choir, so even one absence makes a difference. If we know ahead of time, the Music Director can sometimes compensate (e.g., by changing the focus for those times), but the ability to do this is limited, and depends on knowing in advance.

  • If you need to miss a rehearsal, please advise your Section Head as soon as you know (see Roles#Section Heads). We also apprecieate knowing the reason (e.g. illness, work conflict). The section rep will pass it on to the Music Director.
  • If you need to miss an entire concert, please fill out this form: Report a concert absence

Membership Fees

The choir operates on a semi-professional basis, and a significant portion of its income comes from being hired for external events by the National Arts Centre and other organizations. Nevertheless, the financial reality is that the income from performances and donations is not sufficient to cover the cost of operations, which includes the salary of the high-level artistic director that we require. As a result, it is necessary to ask our members to fill the gap. We try to keep these fees in line with those of other choirs.

For the 2016-2017 season, membership fees are:

  • Regular: $200
  • Student: $80
  • Scholarship student: no fee

Fees are due in September, on the 2nd rehearsal of the season. For members who join after the season mid-point (January 1), the fee is half of the above.

In addition, since we are a charitable organization, this fee is considered a donation for tax purposes, and members will receive a tax receipt for the full amount. This usually happens in January, in time for tax season.

For this reason, please ensure that we have your current postal address. If it's on your cheque, or if you've already given it to the choir secretary, that's sufficient. Otherwise, please include it with your payment, or get it to us another way.

CSO members do not incur costs for music. The choir maintains its own library of all music required for the concerts we perform (in co-operation with any other organizations that we work with).

Expense Reimbursement

If you incurred expenses on behalf of the choir, and would like to be reimbursed:

  • Click on one of the following links:
  • Using the download button (looks like a downward-pointing arrow with a bar under it) near the right end of the menu bar that appears above the sheet, download a copy of the spreadsheet to your computer or tablet.
If you see an option to "Open with Google Sheets…", please do NOT use it. It creates a Google Sheet on Google Drive that confuses everyone if it's not removed.
  • Fill it out with your favourite spreadsheet program.
  • E-mail the completed spreadsheet file to the Treasurer.
  • Original bills must also be submitted, in case we are ever audited by the CRA:
    • If the original bill is electronic, attach a copy to the above e-mail.
    • If the original bill/receipt is paper, if possible please scan it and attach to the the above e-mail. In any case, deliver the paper originals to the Treasurer.
  • If you have expenses for more than one budget line item, please submit a separate claim for each. (If you're not sure what budget line item to use, ask the treasurer.)

Workflow for Money

For guidance on how to submit money and invoices, see Operation Handbook#Workflow for Money