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This page is not intended to record all changes, as most are automatically tracked. It only records:

  • major or complex changes whose scope and intent may not be obvious from the tracking logs
  • configuration changes that are not automatically tracked

Changes like this typically can be done only by members of the Administrators group (see User group rights), or by the webmaster in the host web site.

Organization is by topic. For a chronological view, see the history view of this page.


Manual changes to the MW database (csochoir_mwiki):

  • mw_user: Fix invalid admin user name: "mwiki_admin" -> "Mwiki admin"
  • mw_revision: Change IP address for initial anonymous edits to "Mwiki admin"


See LocalSettings.php and Special:Version for details.

  • Renameuser enabled.
  • UserMerge added and enabled.


This is where configuration changes are made. Below are highlights only - see LocalSettings.php page for details.

  • Set default time zone to America/Toronto
  • Add section structure.
  • Enable navigation sidebar.
  • Enable some extensions.
  • Enable file uploads.

Mime Types

See mime.types.

Software Updates

This copy of MediaWiki is automatically maintained by the Softaculous software. Do not manually update it, or any of the extensions included with it.

Manually added extensions must be manually maintained.

The versions of everything this wiki uses are visible in Special:Version.


On 2017-07-14, an attempted MW auto-update from 1.28 to MW 1.29.0 failed, supposedly because of an htaccess problem. The update was neither completed nor automatically rolled back, with the result that the wiki was broken. Ticket #TOM-742-84015 was logged with TCH support.

An attempt to restore the files in members/wiki to July 11 had no effect.

TCH re-ran the update, which completed this time, and restored the wiki to operation.